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It’s done – my very pink Quilt National entry quilt. I’d post a picture, but the Quilt National rules say that images of the accepted quilts cannot be posted or publicized until the exhibit opens. I have hopes that my quilt “Amaryllis Set” will by accepted, so I can’t post it yet. We’ll see.

Onward with new work. I’m starting some more little jade quilts. These little Jade quilts (see post from August 22) need some help to make them more visually arresting.

I’ve ordered more digitally-printed fabric for a couple of new quilts, one with text in a number of blues and sateen fabric printed with the image from “Variable Grasses”.


This quilt “Variable Grasses was printed on quilter’s cotton. The fabric has a rougher surface than sateen. So I’m trying the image out on the smoother fabric. The photograph should be crisper.

Now, off to the studio.