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I took “Jade”, a large piece, to my crit group. One of our members suggested that it might be interesting to see this technique in a smaller scale.

I thought so, too. I’d been thinking that these pieces were so large, it would be good to try a smaller size piece. How would the shattered image work when the piece was smaller? I reduced the scale of the basic image and took sections – two different sections. The original image was 15 inches wide; the new sections were only 5 inches. Then I ordered some fabric from Spoonflower.

original jade 1.png
Jade segments 2.png

Using prints from the left side of the segments above, I cut squares and sewed them together. A border of stripes, using the colors of the print, was added. Here is the small piece, about 15” wide. (The first piece, Jade, was 61” wide.)

jade stripe unf.png

I’ve order a lot of fabric (miscalculation). So I have fabric enough to do some more small pieces. Added to the “to-do” list.